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An Exhortation to Christian Leaders and Pastors

Should Christian leaders and Pastors Encourage Christians to take the Covid Vaccine?

God has called the church to fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples of all the nations. Getting the Covid Vaccine or any other medical procedure is not part of the fulfilling the Great Commission. God has called Christian leaders and pastors to encourage Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. As pastors and Christian leaders, we are to preach and teach the whole counsel of God which includes any instruction that is clearly revealed in the Bible. The Bible does not talk about injecting our bodies with a vaccine in order to "show love to others." Therefore, that is an action that each Christian must decide by wisdom and discernment as the Holy Spirit leads him or her. I'm sure the intent of these Christian leaders and pastors is one of love and concern for others, but they make those Christians who have decided not to take the vaccine feel guilty. But that guilt is not a Biblical guilt, it is a legalistic guilt.

Christian leaders and pastors should always be encouraging Christians to be wise and search out information and advice regarding their health. Christians should be encouraging each other to be wise as well. Any Christian who shames other Christians who have decided not to take the vaccine and accuses them of not being loving toward others is being legalistic, imposing on those Christians rules that are not revealed in the Bible. Any Christian who shames other Christians who have decided to take the vaccine is also being legalistic. Legalism is not God's will for his people. Christians should be gracious toward each other as each Christian decides what he or she will do in regards to the Covid19 vaccines. Jesus, our Lord said, "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." (John 13:35)

Ron Jones, President, The Titus Institute

Covid-19 Vaccines and Religious Exemptions

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We are committed to Biblical Inerrancy which is defined as "all of the Bible is true and without error in all that it affirms about any subject. What the Bible says about spiritual matters, and historical, geographical, and scientific matters are all true." This is the Teaching of Jesus and his Apostles in the NT. For more on this Scriptural teaching, please "Inspiration and Inerrancy of Scripture" below.

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