Genesis and Creation

There are different opinions among Christians concerning Genesis 1 and 2 and the six days of creation. The discussion is primarily about the nature of the "six days" and the "time" involved either during the six days or between each day. It also involves the order of creation, what God created on Day 1 when he said, "Let there be light" and what he created on Day 4 involving the sun, moon and stars. This issue primarily involves seven verses in Genesis 1, v.1, v.3, v.14-18. On the other 26 verses we all agree.

There are many competent and godly Christian scholars and teachers that fall on the side of a young earth and many that fall on the side of an old earth. This issue is not an essential doctrine of the faith. All Christian scholars and Bible teachers embrace the Triune God as the Creator and sovereign ruler of the universe who created all things by his inifinite power and did it as it is described in Genesis 1 and 2 (with variance on the six day issue). This is an essential doctrine of the faith to which we all agree. This includes the description of God's creation of Adam and Eve as described generally in Genesis 1 and specifically in Genesis 2.

In this series, Ron takes a young earth position which makes the most sense to him, but also presents briefly the other views as he explains the verses mentioned above. But his focus in the Genesis 1 and 2 passages is on the text itself and what it says. This series is his contribution to this discussion so that Christians in general might be more informed and make a decision for themselves. It is offered in grace and love.


  • Introduction to Genesis 1 and 2
  • Genesis 1 Day 1 The Creation of the Earth, Outer Space, and Light
  • Genesis 1 Day 2 The Creation of the Atmosphere: Sky and Clouds
  • Genesis 1 Day 3 The Creation of the Dry Land and Vegetation
  • Genesis 1 Day 4 The Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars
  • Genesis 1 Day 5 The Creation of Sea and Air Creatures
  • Genesis 1 Day 6 The Creation of Land Animals
  • Genesis 1 Day 6 The Creation of Humans
  • Genesis 1 Day 7 The Day of Rest
  • Genesis 2:Day 6 The Creation of Man Detailed