Ron's Teaching Outlines

Over the years of my ministry as a Pastor, I saw the need for more systematic teaching of the doctrines of the Bible beyond what I personally could accomplish. I had many lay people capable of teaching the Scriptures, but were short on preparation time because of their jobs and family responsibilities. Most of the Biblical resources that were available for them to use were focused on the practical, not the doctrinal.

After leaving the full-time pastorate, the Lord led me to begin developing a series of 4 week classes that I could teach in my home church when I wasn't preaching in other churches as part of my Titus Institute Ministry. I teach a four-week class for the month of October, February, and May each year.

As I developed the first two classes, I realized by God's grace that my teaching outlines could fill a large void for the lay teacher looking for in-depth teaching outlines concerning the doctrines of the Scriptures.

So I offer my teaching outlines for those who are looking for a good resource for teaching the Scriptures. There is more material in each "class session" than a person could teach in a Sunday School or Bible study hour so use whatever you feel is the best for your class at your time.

You will notice that there are Biblical sermons on our website that are on the same topics. If you listen to the sermon on that topic it will help you in understanding the material. The content is not exactly the same, but very close.

If you have any questions on the lessons please email me at rjtitusinstitute If you see any mistakes, please let me know as well so I can correct them.

The Lord told his disciples "freely you have received, freely give" so I freely give to you these resources. May the Holy Spirit use them fruitfully in your ministry of "building up the saints."

In His love and service,

Ron Jones

Teaching Outlines by Class Name

Defending the Trinity

Session 1 - Defending the Trinity

Session 2 - Defending the Deity of Jesus

Session 3 - Defending the Humanity of Jesus

Session 4 - Defending the Holy Spirit


Spiritual Warfare - Standing Firm Against Satan (Eph.6:10-17)

Session 1 - Who Satan Is and What His Strategy Is

Session 2 - How Satan Attacks the Believer - PT1

Session 3 - How Satan Attacks the Believer - PT2

Session 4 - How To Put On the Armor of God


The Inspiration and Inerrancy of Scripture

Session 1 - The Inspiration of the Bible and Inerrancy

Session 2 - The Truth of the Bible and Inerrancy

Session 3 - The Historical Statements and Inerrancy

Session 4 - The Scientific Statements and Inerrancy


Interpreting the Bible Accurately

Session 1 - Principles of Scriptural Meaning

Session 2 - Principles of Scriptural Consistency

Session 3 - Principle of Scriptural Covenants

Session 4 - Principles of Scriptural Application


Applying the Old Testament to Our Lives

Applying the OT to Our Lives - Session 1

Applying the OT to Our Lives - Session 2

Applying the OT to Our Lives - Session 3

Applying the OT to Our Lives - Session 4

Genesis 1-2 What You See God Created!

Session 1 - Genesis 1: Day 1

Session 2 - Genesis 1: Day 2-4

Session 3 - Genesis 1: Day 5-6

Session 4 - Genesis 2: Day 6


Genesis and the Limits of Science (under construction)

Session 1 - The Limitations of Scientific Inquiry in Discovering the Age of the Earth

Session 2 - The Limitations of Stratigraphy in Discovering the Age of the earth

Session 3 - The Limitations of Radiometric Dating of the Age of the Earth

Session 4 - The Limitations of Discovering the Origins of the Universe and Organic Life