Important Resource Books for Your Spiritual Growth

A Personal Word from Ron Jones

When I was a Pastor, I kept running into the same problem, I could not find books on certain topics that I felt my congregation needed to understand to grow in their Christian lives and ones they could share with others who wanted to know more about Christ or, if they were Christians, they could grow in their Christian lives. I was looking for books that were concise so people would not feel overwhelmed in reading them, doctrinally sound so people would learn God's truth just as the Bible revealed them, clear so people could easily understand them, and reasonably priced so people could afford them or buy them for others. But I couldn't find them so the Lord led me to write them myself.

I have written five of these books which are in print and sold on Amazon. All of the books are purposely concise (under 100 pages), doctrinally-sound, clear, and low priced at $9.99. The titles and descriptions of the books are below with links to Amazon. These books can be used to help you grow in Christ or can be given to others you care about to help them come to know Christ or grow in Christ. Some of these books have similar titles and content to my eBooks, but the eBooks are all formatted to be daily readings in pdf format. These are books with chapters in print.

Pastor John MacArthur said, "You can't live out a faith, you don't understand." This is so true. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will use these books in your life to help you understand His truth so you might grow in your faith in Christ and experience the joy and peace that come from Him.

Sincerely in Christ,

Ron Jones

Essentials of the Christian Faith: Biblical Truths for Spiritual Growth

Becoming a Christian is a transformation of your whole life. How should you see yourself as a Christian? How should you live and why? What should you believe? Every Christian needs to understand the answers to these questions. Rev. Ron Jones examines from the Scriptures the essential truths of the Christian faith which give us the Biblical truths for spiritual growth.

Essentials of the Christian Faith on Amazon

The Lord Your Shepherd: Encouraging Words from Psalm 23

Psalm 23 was written by David to encourage believers in every age to trust the Lord who is watching over them in the midst of the most difficult trials and troubles of life. In this book, Ron Jones explains not only what the text means, but also other important Scriptures which God has given to us to lift up our hearts when we are struggling with anxiety and discouragement.

The Lord Your Shepherd on Amazon

Discovering Jesus in the Gospels: Passages from the Gospel Records with Brief Commentary

Many people today know the name of Jesus, but personally know little about him except for what they have heard in the media or by others. In his book "Discovering Jesus in the Gospels" Ron Jones provides a way for them to read what the four gospels of the Bible specifically record about Jesus Christ. Each chapter explains an aspect of the life and claims of Christ by quoting passages directly from the Gospels. All passages are referenced so the reader can look them up in the Bible. The passages are introduced by some brief commentary to help the reader understand them. This is meant to be a simple and straight-forward presentation of the testimony of the four gospels to the true identity of Jesus.

Discovering Jesus on Amazon

Who Wrote the Gospels?: The Historical Evidence for Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

The primary historical evidence we have about Jesus Christ comes from the four gospels in the New Testament. In thes e works we are presented with a coherent and consistent picture of Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God. How do we know they are reliable? How do we know what they portray about Jesus is accurate? The answers to these questions are centered in the authors of the four gospels. If the authors were Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, then they were eyewitnesses of Jesus or those who had access to eyewitnesses. This would give the gospels, their biographies of Jesus, strong credibility and reliability. This book presents the evidence for their authorship.

Who Wrote the Gospels on Amazon

God Created Everything in Six Days: A Simple Explanation of Genesis 1 for Children

Genesis 1 tells the wonderful true story of how God created the world and universe in six days. This book for children gives a simple and clear description of what Genesis teaches about each day of creation using photos of God's creation to help children see the reality of what God created in the world around them.

God Created Everything in Six Days on Amazon