Biblical Sermons by Pastor Ron Jones

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Sermons for Encouragement

Title/Topic Download Outlines
The Father's Love  MP3
Psalm 23 PT 1 MP3
Psalm 23 PT 2   MP3
Psalm 103 PT 1    MP3
Psalm 103 PT 2 MP3
Psalm 139 PT 1 MP3
Psalm 139 PT 2 MP3
How God Heals Past Trauma PT 1 MP3
How God Heals Past Trauma PT 2 MP3
How God Heals Past Trauma PT 3  MP3
How God Heals Past Trauma PT 4 MP3
God and Our Pain MP3
The Supreme Value of Knowing Jesus MP3

Sermons For Doctrinal Instruction

Title/Topic Download Outlines
The Authority of Scripture     MP3 Outline
The Accurate Interpretation of Scripture     MP3 Outline
The Inspiration of Scripture     MP3 Outline
The Inerrancy of Scripture     MP3 Outline
The Clarity of Scripture     MP3  
Christian Rewards     MP3 Outline
The Greatness of God PT 1    MP3   
The Greatness of God PT 2   MP3  
Applying the Old Testament to Our Lives PT 1 MP3  
Applying the Old Testament to Our Lives PT 2   MP3   Outline For PT's 1-2
Knowing God's Will   PT 1 MP3    Outline For PT's 1-3 
Knowing God's Will   PT 2 MP3     
Knowing God's Will   PT 3 MP3    
Knowing God's Will Summary MP3    
How We Know God PT1 MP3    
How We Know God PT2 MP3    
How We Know God PT3 MP3    
Angels: God's Servants PT1 MP3 Outline For PT's 1-2  
Angels: God's Servants PT2 MP3    
Stand Firm Against Satan PT1 MP3 Outline For PT1  
Stand Firm Against Satan PT2 MP3 Outline For PT2  
Stand Firm Against Satan PT3 MP3 Outline For PT3  
Stand Firm Against Satan PT4 MP3 Outline For PT4  
Q&A Christians and Demons MP3 Outline  
Q&A Unbelievers and Demons MP3 Outline  

Sermons for Apologetics

Title/Topic Download Outlines
Defending the Trinity MP3 Outline
Defending the Deity of Jesus Christ MP3 Outline  
Defending the Humanity of Jesus Christ MP3 Outline  
The Uniqueness of Jesus MP3 Outline
Angelic Witnesses to the Son of God MP3 Outline
Witnesses of the Resurrection MP3 Outline
Why We're Right About Jesus MP3 Outline
That's Your Interpretation MP3 Outline
Was Jesus the Messiah? MP3 Outline
Dinosaurs and the Bible MP3 Outline


Descriptions of Biblical Sermons

Sermons For Encouragement

The Father's Love

This is an exposition of 1 Jn.3:1 where John the apostle shares with believers their incredible position in God’s family as his children. It is so important for Christians as believers in Jesus Christ to understand that God loves them not only as his creatures, but as his sons or daughters. He loves them as their Father. The tenderness and care in which he watches over them is communicated in this message by Pastor Ron.

Psalm 23 PT 1 & 2

This series contains two sermons called “The Lord is My Shepherd” and “The Lord is My Shepherd Host.” It is so important for Christians to see that the Lord Jesus Christ is their shepherd and has committed himself to watch over and care for them. Through all of life’s trials and troubles they can be assured he is there to lead them and guide them to peace and rest in him. But he does more than that, he also guides them as their shepherd-host into a life filled with his blessings even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances.

Psalm 103 PT 1 & 2

These two sermons on Ps.103 are entitled “Our Gracious and Compassionate Lord.” In this psalm David expresses the comfort and joy believers can feel when they think about their Lord’s grace and compassion toward them who belong to him. Pastor Ron shares how David encourages believers to focus their hearts and minds away from all their difficulties and problems and onto all of the spiritual blessings that God brings into their lives on a daily basis.

Psalm 139 PT1 & 2

These are two sermons Pastor Ron gave on Ps.139 called “Our Lord’s Intimate Knowledge and Presence.” In this psalm, David reminds believers that the Lord knows them intimately and is with them at all times. As God’s children they can be assured that wherever they are and whatever situation they find themselves in that they are never alone. They always have their Lord who understands the deepest thoughts and feelings of their minds and hearts. They should constantly place their faith and trust in Him.

How God Heals Past Trauma PT 1, 2, 3, & 4

All Christians do not grow up in godly loving healthy families. Many grow up in very dysfunctional families where addiction, strong negative criticism, physical or emotional abuse or abandonment takes place. These individuals need the Lord to heal them by his power and grace. In these four sermons Pastor Ron explains how the Lord heals his children from past trauma and how believers can cooperate with the Holy Spirit in this process.

The Supreme Value of Knowing Jesus 

In Phil.3 Paul the Apostle shares how he feels about knowing Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He compares a relationship with Christ to all that he had achieved in his life before he met Christ. This is an encouraging message for every believer.

Sermons For Doctrinal Instruction

The Authority of Scripture

Christians have committed themselves to follow the Bible, but often when they are in a crisis or face temptation or must make a life-changing decision, they often do not ask the most important question for a Christian to ask, "What does the Bible say?" In this sermon, Pastor Ron explains why this question is so important as he teaches the authority of Scripture as God's Word. 

The Accurate Interpretation of Scripture

In this sermon, Pastor Ron answers the charge often given to Christians, "That's your interpretation of Scripture." He explains that there is only one accurate and valid interpretation of any Scripture passage and that is what the author meant by what he said in the text. He also explains how to discover the author's meaning through using a historical grammatical literal method of interpretation.

The Inspiration of Scripture

People may claim that the Bible is merely a great moral and ethical treasure, but that is not what the Bible claims about itself. The Biblical writers claim that what they spoke and wrote in the Bible was the revelation of God himself. In this sermon Pastor Ron, examines the claims of the prophets and apostles and Jesus himself regarding the inspiration of the Bible as the Word of God.

The Inerrancy of Scripture

Is the Bible inerrant, that is, true and without error in all that it affirms about any subject? Or is the Bible true and without error in most of what it affirms except for some minor historical and scientific errors? Or is the Bible true and without error only in the spiritual truths that it teaches? In this sermon, Pastor Ron explains that Jesus and his apostles clearly taught that the Bible is the Word of God and without error in all that it affirms.

The Clarity of Scripture

In this age of "tolerance," there is a lot of pressure for Christians to give into the false idea that everyone can be right about God in their own way, that no one really can know God's truth. But this is not true. God has given us his revelation so that we can understand clearly his truth. In this sermon Pastor Ron shares that we can know for certain what God is saying and what God means by what he is saying in the Bible.

The Greatness of God - PT 1 and 2

One of the problems that Christian face is that they do not grow in their understanding of God, His nature and attributes. This causes them to weaken in their faith as they are growing in their understanding of the complexity of life and its problems. In this two part series, Pastor Ron gives an overview of the nature of God and his attributes which helps Christians begin the process of deepening in their knowledge of God. 

Applying the Old Testament to Our Lives - PT 1 and 2

Many Christians are confused when they read the Old Testament. What should they follow and what should they not follow? Will God bring curses upon a Christian who does not obey him? Should Christians submit to the Ten Commandments? If, so what about celebrating the Sabbath? In this section, we discuss what the Old Testament and New Testament say about the two great covenants, the Abrahamic and the Mosaic, the Ten Commandments, Salvation by grace through faith, and the identity of Christ.

Knowing God's Will - PT 1, 2, 3, and Summary

Life is full of many decisions, both moral and non-moral ones. God desires that we follow His will, but how can we discover what God’s will is? The Bible teaches two very different methods for following God’s will. It teaches one method for following God’s will in moral areas of our lives and another method for following God’s will in non-moral areas of our lives. Pastor Ron explains the difference between these two methods and how we can make non-moral decisions God's way.

How We Know God - PT 1, 2, and 3

From the very moment that we are born we are a part of relationships with others and others with us. These relationships with others have a powerful impact on our lives. God has brought Christians into a relationship with himself. How do we relate to God on a daily basis? How do we know God is relating to us? Is a relationship with a Spirit being radically different from a relationship with a physical human being? These are questions Pastor Ron answers from the Scriptures in this series.

Angels: God's Servants - PT1 and 2

Everybody is talking about angels and everybody has an opinion about them. However, God is the one who created angels and God is the one who has revealed them to us through the Bible. Pastor Ron explains what the Scriptures have to say about angels, who they are and what they do in our lives.

Standing Firm Against Satan - PT1, 2, 3, and 4

How does Satan and his demons attack believers? How can believers stand firm against his attacks? Pastor Ron explains what the Bible has to say in Eph.6:10-17 and other Bible passages about Satan and how Christians can stand firm against his schemes by wearing the Armor of God.

Standing Firm Against Satan - Questions and Answers

Pastor Ron answers questions such as "What about binding Satan? Are we to bind the powers of Satan before we enter a room or begin a spiritual Bible study, meeting, or other spiritual activity?" "Can a Christian be spiritually, mentally, psychologically, or emotionally demonized or oppressed or hear demonic voices in his head?" "Can Satan afflict a believer physically in a direct manner (not an illness, but through momentary physical phenomena such as feeling paralyzed)?" "Can unbelievers be demon-possessed? Can Christians cast out demons today? If so, how do we do it?" and "Is there is a relationship between demon possession and mental illness?"

Christian Rewards

Pastor Ron shares what God has revealed in his Word through the Apostle Paul concerning the bema seat judgment of Christ and the rewards Jesus Christ will bestow upon Christians for their service to him in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Sermons For Apologetics

Defending The Trinity

The "Christian" cults do not teach the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity, that God is three persons in one God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In this sermon, Pastor Ron explains the doctrine of the Trinity and how the bible teaches it. To defend against the false doctrine of the cults concerning the person of Jesus Christ a Christian must understand this doctrine and how the Bible teaches it. 

Defending The Deity of Jesus Christ

This sermon presents the NT Apostolic teaching that Jesus Christ is God become a man. Understanding what NT passages clearly teach this great truth is the Biblical defense of the true identity of Jesus which is attacked by the cults. 

Defending The Humanity of Jesus Christ

This sermon presents the NT Apostolic teaching that Jesus Christ is not only fully God, but also fully man. Understanding what NT passages clearly teach this great truth is the Biblical defense of the true identity of Jesus which is attacked by the cults. 

The Uniqueness of Jesus

Jesus is unique among all the religious leaders that have ever lived. His uniqueness is shown when compared with two other religious leaders, Buddha and Mohammed. His birth was unique. His life was unique. His death and resurrection were unique. Pastor Ron explains that these proved that he was indeed who he claimed to be, the Son of God become a man.

Angelic Witnesses to the Son of God

When the time came in the history of mankind when the Son of God was to be born a man, God chose that he would be born in very humble circumstances. Those circumstances would not indicate there was anything extraordinary about this child. Did God testify to the identity of his Son with any kind of supernatural phenomenon so that we could know that this baby was truly the Son of God when everything and everyone looked so ordinary and common? Pastor Ron explains in this sermon that God indeed did choose to reveal who his son was through supernatural angelic witnesses at the time of his birth.

The Witnesses of the Resurrection

In this sermon Pastor Ron answers the question, " How do we know Jesus rose from the dead?" The Biblical answer is "we have eyewitness accounts of the risen Christ." This is how the apostles themselves proved the resurrection to others to whom they preached the gospel.

Why We're Right About Jesus

A question that unbelievers often ask us is "How Do You Know You’re Right About Jesus?" In this sermon, Pastor Ron gives the Biblical answer. We are right because we proclaim exactly what the apostles (his closest associates) of Jesus Christ proclaimed about Jesus and the apostles are superior witnesses of Jesus than anyone else.

That’s Your Interpretation

“There are so many different interpretations of the Bible, why should I believe yours?” is a common question non-Christians ask. A comment often made when we share the gospel is “That’s your interpretation.” In this sermon, Pastor Ron shares how to answer those objections and establish the author’s intended meaning as the only valid interpretation of any literary work including any book of the Bible.

Was Jesus the Messiah?

The O.T. has many prophecies concerning the life and ministry of the messiah. These prophecies were from God and were to act as the credentials of the messiah when he came. In this sermon Pastor Ron give some examples of these prophecies Jesus fulfilled proving he was the long-awaited messiah of Israel.

Dinosaurs and the Bible

Is belief in dinosaurs consistent with God’s revelation in the Bible? Does the Bible mention dinosaurs? When would dinosaurs have been created by God in the six days of creation in the Genesis account? Does the Bible give any clue to what happened to dinosaurs? In this sermon, Pastor Ron answers all these questions as he teaches from the Scriptures.