"How Do We Know We're Right About Jesus?"

Biblical Sermon Outline

By Pastor Ron Jones, www.titusinstitute.com

Question: "How Do We Know We're Right About Jesus?"

Answer: We are right because we proclaim exactly what the apostles (his closest associates) of Jesus Christ proclaimed about Jesus.

And the apostles are superior witnesses of Jesus to anyone else.

This is John's claim in I John 1:1-3.

In v. 3 John writes "We declare to you."

In this passage, John gives the credentials of the apostles to speak the truth about Jesus Christ.

1. They were with him on a daily basis throughout His ministry
v. 1 "That which was from the beginning"


2. They heard what he said and wrote about it
v. 1 "Which we have heard"


3. They saw what He was like and what he did and wrote about it
v. 1 "Which we have seen with our eyes"


4. They examined Him closely to see if His claims were true v. 1 "Which we have looked at"


5. They touched and felt His resurrected body
v. 1 "And our hands have touched"


v. 1 "Concerning the Word of Life"


Their testimony is based on their actual experience of Jesus, who is “the life.”

V. 2 "The life appeared"

v. 2 "The eternal life which was with the Father and has appeared to us"

John’s final summary v. 3 "What we proclaim to you we have seen and heard..."


Of all the people who make claims about Jesus Christ, who is in a better position than the apostles to know the truth about Him? No one.