My Belief About the Covid-19 Vaccines

There are different beliefs about the Covid-19 vaccines among Christian leaders and Christians in general. Each Christian must decide what he or she believes about the Covid-19 vaccines based on Scripture. The statement below is based on what I believe God has revealed in the Bible.

I am opposed to taking the Covid-19 vaccines. As a Christian and an ordained minister, I believe that the Covid-19 vaccines violate God's will as revealed in the Bible. The Bible clearly teaches human beings are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27) and thus human life is sacred. The Bible also teaches that human life begins at conception (Psalm 139:13-16).

Vaccines that use fetal cell lines in any part of the process of development, confirmation, and production of the vaccines I oppose. These vaccines are dependent upon the cells of murdered babies which I believe is forbidden by God.

Vaccines that interfere with the function of the human immune system which God created I oppose. The vaccines for Covid-19 give genetic code instructions to the cell that does not originate from the DNA in the cell. God's intent was for the DNA within a person's body in a cell nucleus to give genetic code instructions not anything outside the cell. Therefore, I believe this process is forbidden by God

This is my sincerely held belief which prevents me from taking the Covid-19 vaccines.

If you share the same sincerely held belief and would like a clergy letter validating this belief as Christian belief from the Bible, please email me at (rjtitusinstitute[at] and I will email you one.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Ron Jones, D.D.

President, The Titus Institute


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Religious Exemption for the Covid Vaccines

Acccording to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, you have a right to ask for a religious exemption if you are mandated by your company to get a vaccine and you have a sincerely held religious belief that prevents you from taking it. This applies to ALL STATES.

EEOC Religious Exemption for Vaccination Mandates


The EEOC also explains that an employer cannot reject an employee's religious exemption request based "on their disagreement with an employee's belief; their opinion that the belief is unfounded, illogical, or inconsistent in some way; or their conclusion that an employee's belief is not an official tenet or endorsed teaching of any particular religion or denomination."

EEOC Religious Exemption Limits for Employers


If your employer denies your religious exemption request, you can file a complaint with the EEOC at the link below.

EEOC Public Portal


If you are denied a religious exemption and want legal help, the Liberty Counsel is a nonprofit ministry that operates a pro bono litigation program to provide assistance and representation for situations involving your religious freedom, the sanctity of life and the family.

Liberty Counsel Request for Legal Assistance


For general information on how to take a religious exemption for the Covid-19 Vaccines:

Freedom of Religion United Solutions