The Humanity of Christ

The ultimate question that man must answer is the one Jesus Christ spoke in Matthew 16:13, "Who do men say that I, the Son of man, am?" How a man answers that question will determine his eternal destiny. In this study, we will see what the Scriptures say about Jesus Christ.

I. The Two Natures of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ has both a divine nature and a human nature.

A. Jesus Christ has a divine nature. He is fully God

B. Jesus Christ has a human nature. He is fully human

1. Jesus claimed that He was a man.

John 8:40 Matthew 9:6 "Son of man"

2. The apostles wrote in the N.T. that He was a man.

1 Timothy 2:5 Matthew 1: 1 "son of David, son of Abraham" John 1: 14

3. Jesus' earthly life showed that He was a man.

He had human characteristics

Luke 2:40-52 Jesus grew

John 4:6 Jesus became tired

Matthew 4:12 Jesus was hungry

John 19:30-34 Jesus died

The union of the two natures in Jesus Christ A. Christ's two natures are united in one person, yet are distinct from each other He was one person with two distinct natures, one human and one divine -- 1 John 4:15

B. This truth explains various Scriptures which refer to Christ's human or divine nature.

1. How can Jesus not know the hour if He is God?

John 21:17 Jesus knows all things in his divine nature

Matthew 24: 36 Jesus did not know all things in his human nature. he is referring to his human nature.

2. How could Jesus be forsaken if He is one with the Father?

John 10:30 Jesus is one in essence and nature with God the Father in his divine nature.

Matthew 27: 46 In his human nature, Jesus could be forsaken by God the Father and was at the moment he bore the sins of the world on the cross.

3. How can the Father be greater than Jesus if Jesus is God?

John 10:30, 20:28 Jesus is equal to God the Father in essence and nature.

John 14: 28 In reference to Jesus' human nature, God the father was greater than he.

Also, in terms of the plan of redemption as the Son of God took the role of subjection to his Father's will, the father was greater in authority to him in that role. Jn.6:38-40

How can Jesus be tempted if Jesus is God?

James 1: 3 Jesus cannot be tempted in his divine nature.

Matthew 4: 1-11 Jesus can be and was tempted in his human nature.

C. Because of Jesus' divine nature, He was not able to sin in His human nature.

Jesus Christ was not only able not to sin, He was not able to sin.

1. Jesus was born without a sinful human nature.

Matthew 1:20 2 Corinthians 5:21 1 John 3:5

2. Jesus never sinned

1 Peter 2:22 Hebrews 4:15

Christ was tempted, but He never sinned

D. This union is permanent and everlasting. Jesus Christ is forever the exalted God-man.

Philippians 2:9-11 Luke 24:36-43 Acts 2:32-33 Matthew 28:18