Can Satan afflict a believer physically in a direct manner (not an illness, but through momentary physical phenomena such as feeling paralyzed)? Can Satan or a demon manifest himself in a room so a believer can feel his evil presence or even physically see a dark, clear or lighted presence? Could he speak to believers us audibly? If these are so, what do we do about it? In these instances, should we address Satan directly?

By Ron Jones ©Titus Institute 2009

There is no Biblical example of this at all. The only thing we see in the Scriptures is good angels taking on human physical form or some other physical appearance. We only see demons possessing unbelieving humans or taking on some other physical form.

We don’t see demons appearing in some other form where they appear as weird creatures or the like. There is no evidence at all of Satan actually addressing someone audibly other than Jesus Christ. However, demons can do all these things. There is just no Biblical evidence that God has allowed that.

I think that we can carefully apply a few principles from the Scriptures in this situation.

1. Make sure that there is no unconfessed sin in your life or you have not been involved in any occultic (astrology, ouji boards, psychics, watching movies about the occult etc. activity). Or you have been spending time with anyone involved in the occult?

If you have confess it and turn from it.

2. Make sure that you are trusting that God is your Father and you are his child.
1 Jn.3: 1 You have nothing to fear from Satan.

3. Refuse in your heart and mind to allow the demon any presence before you. Do not entertain it for even a moment.

4. Pray to your Father and ask him to protect you (physically) and to rebuke the demon if there is one and send him away.

There is a difference of opinion on this last step. Whether we should address Satan directly or not.

Some say:
5. That praying for the demon to leave is enough.

Some say:
5. Rebuke the demon out loud in the name of Jesus Christ by his authority using Michael’s rebuke in Jude 9. “The Lord rebuke you Satan. Leave in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Some say:
5. Rebuke the demon out loud in the name of Jesus Christ by his authority using a command, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to leave.”

This direct address of Satan obviously comes from the principle that is given in casting out of demons in the gospels.

This is the only time that I would directly address a demonic presence in my own personal life.

By the way, there is a phenomenon diagnosed in the medical field called “sleep paralysis.” It is a condition that strikes just during the transition between dreaming sleep – called REM – and being fully awake. People hallucinate and see shadowy or demonic figures appearing in their room and even speaking to them.

This has been researched and has existed throughout history and in all parts of the world. Can the human mind hallucinate about God or Satan? I believe so.