Can demons inhabit buildings and haunt them? What are ghosts?

By Ron Jones ©Titus Institute 2009

Yes. Demons can move around buildings and structures. There is no Biblical evidence that they do. But they could. In the Scriptures we see demons involved solely with people, not places.

What are ghosts?
The answer to that question is that only demonic spirits are wandering around in the spirit realm who can have contact with humans in limited ways.

There are no disembodied human spirits moving around the earth, "haunting" various locations. When people die, they either go to heaven if they are believers (2 Cor.5:4-8) or they go to Hades if they are unbelievers (Lu.16:19-31, Rev.20:11-14) to await the great white throne judgment. Once a person dies he goes to one or the other location and that's it (Heb.9:27).

Human spirits do not interact with humans after they die. There is no reason or purpose to do so. There are spirits moving around but they are not human. The Scripture clearly indicates that there are demonic spirits who have lived and observed the earth from the beginning of its existence who can disguise themselves and appear as human spirits and give facts about a dead person's life. When people get involved with communicating with the dead, they are actually getting involved with demonic spirits.

This is forbidden by God according to Deut.18: 9-14.