Timeline of the Evidence of the Authorship and Authority of the Four NT Gospels

By Rev. Ron Jones, DD © The Titus Institute, 2006

c. 245 AD Origen states that the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are the only Gospels accepted in the church of God and gives the origin of the Gospels.

c. 200 AD Tertullian mentions the four gospels which are Matthew and
Mark from apostles and Luke and Mark from apostolic men.

c.180 AD Irenaeus gives the origin of the four Gospels, which includes
Mark from Peter and Luke from Paul.

c.175-200 AD Muratorian Fragment of N.T. indicates the four Gospels, Acts, 13 epistles of Paul, Jude, two letters of John’s name on it and the Revelation of John. Omitted are 1 Peter, Hebrews, James and one of the letters of John (either 2nd or 3rd) and 2nd Peter.

c.165-180 AD Diatessaron, a harmony of the four gospels, is published by
Tatian, a disciple of Justin Martyr.

c.150 AD Justin Martyr calls gospels the “memoirs of the apostles” (but does not name them) and states that they were read in Sunday church services. He quotes from the Gospel of Mark and indicates it is from the “memoirs of Peter.” He also quotes from Matthew and Luke.

c.125 AD Fragment of John’s Gospel found and dated around this

c. 120-130 AD Papias writes about the origins of the Gospels of Matthew
and Mark.

c.100-130 AD Letter of Barnabus quotes from the Gospel of Matthew using
the authoritative words “it is written.”

c.100-105 AD The Didache, a church manual, quotes from the Gospel of
Matthew writing, “as the Lord commanded in his Gospel.

c. 60-85 AD The four gospels are written by Matthew (c.60), Mark (c.65),
Luke (c.68), and John (c.85)