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The Titus Institute has established the Titus Institute Press to provide free Christian ebooks that are clear and concise to help people to understand the Scriptures. The ebooks are listed below in three formats: AWZ for Kindle, EPub for Nook and Other ereaders, and pdf format for PCs and Others. Right click on the file you need and click on "save target as" or "save link as" and save it to your desktop. Plug in your Kindle, Nook or other Ereader and sideload it to the appropriate folder.If IE or another browser saves the EPUB file as a zip file, use Google Chrome. Google Chrome will download the EPUB file as an EPUB file not zip file.

The Lord is Your Shepherd - our first ebook title

Lord Your Shepherd Cover

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  • Psalm 23 is a psalm of praise to the Lord from David, which reflects the praise of every believer in every age and every circumstance. In this psalm, David answers important questions you can ask yourself when you are struggling, "Does the Lord really care about me? Is he concerned about my needs? Will he help me through this trial if I trust him?" This book is written to encourage you when you are facing diffciult circumstances by helping you understand how the Lord lovingly and graciously works in the troubles and trials that come into your life as a Christian.

    Seeing Jesus at Christmas

    by J.C. Ryle, Adapted by Ron Jones

    Seeing Jesus at Christmas Cover

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  • The season of Christmas is a time of extreme busyness. For us as Christians it can cause great conflict in our minds and hearts as we attempt to keep Christ in Christmas while at the same time getting done all the various responsibilities we have. One of the best ways this can be done is to spend a brief amount of time each day during the Christmas season reading and reflecting on what the Scriptures reveal about our wonderful Savior at the time of his birth. Through these Bible passages we can come to know Jesus in a deeper way. This ebook of twenty daily readings has been adapted from JC Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels. I have designed this daily reading schedule to help you as a believer to focus on Jesus during this hectic time of year. I have adapted his writing by updating his wording for contemporary readers and by adding a Christmas application to each passage. I have also added my own exposition about Christ from the text in places where Ryle may not have given as full an explanation of Christ as it was my purpose to do in this ebook for Christmas. My hope is that JC Ryle would have been blessed by how I have taken his work and adapted it for Christians living today for the Christmas season. I do know that he, like I, am always encouraged when the Word of God is carefully explained and the Lord of our lives is glorified through that exposition. May the Lord encourage you through his Word in this ebook this wonderful Christmas season!