Timeline of the Apostles and the Early Church Fathers Who Testify to the Authorship and Authority of the Four NT Gospels

By Rev. Ron Jones, DD © The Titus Institute, 2006

30 AD - 95 AD
Apostles and the writing of the Four NT Gospels (60-85 AD)
Clement c.30-100 AD
Bishop of Rome
Ignatius c.30-107 AD
Bishop of Antioch
Papias c.60-130 AD
Bishop of Hierapolis
Polycarp c.69-155 AD
Bishop of Smyrna, Disciple of John the apostle and knew other apostles
Justin Martyr c.100-165 AD
Christian Apologist
Irenaeus c. 130-200 AD
Bishop of Lyons
Tertullian c.160-225 AD
Christian Apologist
Origen c.185-c.254 AD
Theologian and Biblical scholar

Key Relationships: John the Apostle (d. 95AD) --- Polycarp (69-155AD) --- Irenaeus (130-200AD)