This web page is founded upon the truth that the portrait of Jesus presented in the Gospels of the Bible is historically accurate. That is, the Gospels are biographies that present the life and ministry of Jesus Christ as they happened without embellishment on the part of the writers of the Gospels.

Whatever others may say about Jesus, if you want to truly understand what he claimed about himself and what he accomplished, you must read the Gospel evidence for yourself. The Gospels are written by those who were eyewitnesses or close associates of eyewitnesses of Jesus.

This webpage presents to you passages from the Four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as they appear in the New Testament. They are arranged thematically so you might clearly see what the Gospels say about various aspects of Jesus Christ.

The English translation used is the King James Version of the New Testament modernized by the author

Ron Jones, D.D. President, The Titus Institute

What do the Gospels actually say about Jesus?

Are the New Testament Gospels Records Historically Reliable?